Our sessions are offered in-person as well as over-the-phone. We are not limited by distance and have successful ongoing sessions with our clients both near and far. 

Past Life Regression | Single Session

Experience firsthand, the wonders of traveling through time and space. Past life regression can be a life changing experience that can heal deeply imprinted fears and wounds that have carried over into this present life. It can expand our understanding of ourselves and our purpose here, transforming your life. 

Duration: 60-90 min | $222

Experience, Release, Transform | Three Sessions

In order for there to be change there needs to be an awareness of what it is that inhibits you from making these changes. Empower yourself and start your process of healing and transformation. Discover and break through some of the biggest blockages, thoughts, beliefs, and fears that do not align with the life you want to live and the person you want to be. Release the resistances that are buried within your subconscious and start to transform your life by transforming your thoughts.

Duration: Three 60-90 min sessions | $444

Dive Deep | Five Sessions

We are diving deep into the depths of your subsconcious. We are exploring the world of you and making discoveries of what it is that you truly want and need. Not only do we dive deep to the root of the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck-- we teach you to access the innate wisdom and magnificence within and discover what it is that truly resonates with your purpose. 

Duration: Five 60-90 min sessions | $666

Be in Your Power | 10 Sessions

When we are taking charge of our lives and doing the work to heal and change our thought patterns, we enable ourselves to start to make significant changes in all areas of our lives. By accessing our inner wisdom, we start to become clear on what we want and start to make clear and concise steps and take action toward reaching our dreams and goals. Being in your power means doing the work and making the work you did work for you. This is combination of hypnosis and empowerment coaching that redefines all areas of your life as a whole. 

Duration: Ten 60-90 min sessions | $1,111


We work with groups, companies, and organizations who want to empower themselves to expand on their talents and establish a motivating incentive for increased optimal performance and personal happiness and fulfillment. It is a wonderful way to connect, bond, and team build. We define your goals and create a customized workshop that is relative to what it is that you wish to acheive. 


We provide both group hypnosis and individual sessions for retreats that are centered and geared towards empowerment, wellness, healing, nature, and adventure.

These are some of the retreats we have particpated in:

Payment Policy

We at the Heart & Soul Hypnosis strive to maximize the number people we help every day. We believe that time is a precious commodity and sometimes life throws us an unexpected curve-ball.  We appreciate the support of our clients to our mission by keeping their agreements and arriving to their scheduled sessions on time and prepared.  Last minute cancellations or irresponsible no-shows inhibit us from further catering to our other clients.Payments received are considered final. 

We ask that you give us 72 hour notice of cancelling your session. Heart & Soul Hypnosis will allow cancelled sessions to be rescheduled, applying the session credit toward the rescheduled appointment, at no cost to the client.