“I came to Heart and Soul Hypnosis never having before experienced hypnotherapy, and knowing very little of what to expect. Kayko was so kind and patient with me, explaining not only how the process works and why it can be so beneficial, but also reassuring me that I would be completely present and in control the whole time, which I was. Since then I have had several sessions with Kayko, and each one only gets better and better. I was frustrated my first time, feeling like my mind couldn't fully relax, and that I wasn't seeing what I was supposed to be seeing in the session, however; Kayko explained that our minds are like a muscle, and it takes time to develop that muscle and be able to control it. This is something that over time I have found to be very true, and with each session I find myself now able to reach further into the depths of my mind, and with Kayko’s skilled guidance, rediscover and better understand long lost parts of myself that are impacting my life now. So if you are considering trying hypnotherapy, or are looking for a new hypnotherapist, I highly recommend you give Kayko at Heart and Soul Hypnosis a try! She will help you open your mind in ways you never thought possible!‚Äč”

 -- Amanda


“This was my door to open. Let’s break some social media barriers and just be uncomfortably honest for a second. I have been struggling..... Stru-ggl-ing. Fear took over, anxiety tormented, and worry ruled my life. A few small shifts and before I even understood what was happening I was spinning out of control. I needed help. This is rare for me, but my relationship, my health, school...my life was going to fall apart if this didn’t stop. I found Heart and Soul Hypnosis through an unlikely series of clicks on instagram....A beautiful girl a yoga photo something about meditation and then I was here at this door. She offered to guide me as I found some answers inside myself. She made me feel safe and encouraged me to look inward. She supported and spoke gently to me as I took a still journey into my subconscious that felt like days. This was my door to open and I did. Heart and Soul Hypnosis helped me see deeper. I am grateful, and I know whoever out there needs this will continue find their way. Good luck in your journey, this was the first step. Remember everything you need is already there.”



“Kayko Tamaki gave me my first ever hypnotherapy session, and I must say it was one of the most relaxing and meditative experiences I've ever had. She was so calming and made the surroundings very serene and safe. She took her time taking me into such a deep state of relaxation, nothing was rushed. I was entirely aware, never made to feel uncomfortable, and I felt completely understood and loved with everything that I was confiding in her. After I was put in a deep state of relaxation she talked with me about my thoughts, dreams and passions. Always asking permission to go deeper into the relaxation, she made me feel safe. We worked briefly on past life, and as my first exploration into that realm I didn't go too deep, yet I did see myself in a different form, in clearly another time, that will lead me to go deeper next time. At one point in the hypnotherapy I felt that I was on a very heightened vibrational level. The entire session I was incredibly relaxed and for this short period of time I felt that I had left my body and I was going deeper into another world. It was truly a remarkable moment and I cannot wait to work with Kayko again. It brought forth such emotion and passion for my life. I couldn't be more happy with my experience.

I trust her safe, loving method so much I have already referred her to my Mother who has had severe past trauma and is looking for a spiritually enlightening experience herself.

After my session I felt that I was reassured about myself and my beliefs and I came out of the experience feeling elated, cleansed and whole.

I recommend Kayko to anyone looking to experience a calming dive into the inner workings of their mind. She is the perfect balance of personable and professional and I hope to work with her again very soon.”

All my best,

Hanna P.



“I came to Kayko right when life struck me hard in the gut.

 My depression came upon me swiftly and it stuck. I was(still am, but

getting better with it,) overwhelmed, confused, sad, and constantly

anxious. It created a monster that has kept me isolated and filled

with grief. Worse it created guilt for being susceptible to these

feelings of grief. My whole identity shattered and I realized I hadn't

even knew what I considered my identity.

I found Kayko by rabbit hole-ing down a series of friends of friends.

I read her beautiful website, I took a deep breath, and then wrote to

her. She responded quickly and full of compassion She explained to me

what hypnosis does, how it could help me, and its limitations.

I have only had one session with Kayko but she helped me tremendously.

I was able to uncover things that I did not even realize were painful.

Her presence is so calming and inviting. I instantly felt like I was

in a safe place. Kayko was able to have me relax and somehow pulled

answers from me that I have not even felt or realized I was struggling

with. In the weeks after my first session I delved into meditation,

essential oils, and was through these outlets was able to go back to

the safe space Kayko helped me find. I was able to go a full 2 weeks

without having to use my sleeping pills or having an anxiety attack.

She is a truly talented and beautiful soul. She taught me that your

diagnosis does not define you and that sometimes the answers you are

looking for can be found inside your own mind. I highly recommend her

and will be seeing her again soon!"

--Kelly A. Jusewicz-Haidle

Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to explore the incredible world of hypnotherapy remotely! I wanted to share at the end but wasn't feeling able to fully articulate my thoughts so I shall do that here.

Being that I am a quintessential Cancerian, I naturally spend a lot of time in my own head, breaking down my own thoughts and digging through my memories and the feelings attached. This session gave me the chance to take that to a new level of awareness, to quiet the noise that can cloud my ability to find calm within myself. I am a very emotional person, so it doesn't take much to provoke an emotional response from me. My personal experience tonight… as my present self approached my inner-child I felt my emotions swirling. I saw my 7 year old self, a very life-changing and stressful time in my life. My small round face, long dark hair with bangs, big eyes - and I could feel the confusion, the emotion, the awareness that life was changing drastically and becoming more challenging and my heart hurt for her…and I just wanted to hold her and tell her that it will all be okay. That the feelings she feels will only make her stronger. To not lose faith in herself or her ability to reach for the things she wants in life and actually achieve them, regardless of the hardships she will inevitably have to work through, no matter what.

I feel a sense of enlightenment tonight, and I gained a better understanding of myself. I feel it is just the beginning of my gaining a better understanding of just how my inner-child is so very present in my every day life today and learning to find peace with that. I know it is a process, I have much to work through still and I look forward to continuing to explore. Sorry for the ramble, this is a bit of my humble story and I am grateful for the forum to share with the hope that others will too. I appreciate the chance to learn and grow through your experiences. Thank you again for taking the time to share your gift with us all tonight. 

--Christine A.