We at Heart and Soul Hypnosis, use the powerful methods of hypnotherapy to navigate through the human mind. By doing so we are able to bridge the gap between the heart and soul as well as the mind and body--merging them into alignment.

Essentially, our souls are pure and whole but when thoughts and beliefs, sometimes unconscious, are limiting and impaired, we need to reevaluate and change them. Within every person there is a boundless source of Love and wisdom, however, not all of us access this. If we can allow ourselves the stillness and meditative space that hypnosis guides us into-- we can surely find our truth, innate nature of peace, and brilliant essence that we all have within us.


 It is a natural, gentle, and effective,  method of therapy that has been proven to relieve and improve unhealthy habits, relationship patterns, emotional wounding, physical pain, symptoms, and trauma. It aides in decision making by giving the recipient clarity. Hypnotherapy is an effective way of directly communicating with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where habits, behaviors, memories, and beliefs are recorded and stored. In turn our subconscious mind plays a vital role in controlling our emotions, thoughts, self-confidence, immune system, physical bodies, health, choices, and actions. Our subconscious mind holds invaluable information and is where we can find our inner wisdom, creativity, and intuition.
What we allow to keep or put into our subconscious mind is what will inevitably govern our lives. Our subconscious has no way of being able to differentiate between truth or lie, healthy and unhealthy, good or bad, and positive or negative. Our subconscious takes everything we see, hear, experience, and feel as literal while filing it away regardless of it's value and usefulness. Therefore, it is beneficial to use hypnosis as means to visit this part of our self. It is important to find this meditative space and sort through this swirling belief system within us. You may find that you have stored a belief that is not your truth or retained a negative idea about yourself that keeps replaying itself into your present day thoughts-- often time unconsciously. Think about how much excess and unnecessary information we have collected that could be limiting our potential and true happiness. Hypnosis is an access point that helps us to decide what is true or what we wish to keep. It is a way to bridge our super conscious and subconscious mind harmoniously.


We get asked a lot about regessions and past life regressions. Almost always our current issues, problems, and blockages are rooted in our past. Most of our ideas, beliefs, and thoughts are formed during our developmental years. When we experience trauma (all of us do no matter how great of a childhood we have had) it can embed itself into our present thoughts and beliefs. We also hear that being in the present moment and living in the now is the best way to live and while that is true, it is important to dig into our past, to find the root, and gently unroot the traumas and pain that are buried deep. Often we can make leaps and bounds of improvement by simply visiting our early years and experiences and healing them. And sometimes we may find it necessary to go even further back, beyond the past of this present life and go even further back into past lives.

Have you ever walked down a street and it felt familiar? Do you have an unexplainable fear? Have you ever met a stranger and look into their eyes and felt like you have known them before? Do you ever experience deja vu?  It is possible that these feelings may have come from a past life. Do you ever feel drawn to certain cultures or places? Do you feel particularly interested in specific times in history? Sometimes our natural abilities, talents, preferences, and phobias can give us clues that we have had a past life involving them. Sometimes our past lives manifest through our dreams. Regardless if you believe in reincarnation or past lives, these experiences can be taken as a metaphor and have symbolic meaning. 

Soul mates tend to travel with us through different lives. They can be a group of souls like family members, friends, and a partner. We are given opportunities in our lives to learn lessons and evolve with the group of souls we repeat lives with. Through regression we are able to take a look at the experiences that may have influenced and created present time fears and challenges. If the connection can be made from past life to present life, it is likely that these fears can be diminished.