• The Journey of a Raindrop

    Your existence, my existence, our existence; it all has a purpose. Purpose may manifest itself in infinite ways but the underlying current remains the same-- to feel, to learn, to heal, and have a human experience. 

    A metaphor of this purpose and the connecting thread that makes it all a part of the same fabric is much like the journey of a raindrop.

    As a raindrop, a manifestation of condensed water vapor, becomes heavy enough is released from the condensated cloud and falls through the sky. It dances with the wind and cleanses the air. Sometimes it becomes a snowflake. As the rain drop reaches the mountains, trees, flowers, soil, animals and beings-- it's purpose then becomes to quench, give life, and help sustain it. Some drops become part of the ocean. There are many journeys that each drop encounters and yet they all come from the same source, they always existed, they always come back in some form, and none are ever destroyed.

    And so it goes on and on, as one purpose leads to another purpose, all with a shared existence relative to one another and serving a purpose in a collective eco-system-- universe. The underlying current within all these moments and happenings are to fall, to touch, to absorb, to give, to receive, to grow, to share, and to love. That raindrop reaches each and every one of us, now what purpose will you carry on?