• The Things We Could Do

    I remember when I was once shiny and new.
    You couldn't wait to take me out for a spin. You spit shined me,  admired me, kept me well taken care of-- while I took care of you.

    There was so much thrill in my new presence in your life.

    You knew you could rely on me to get you where you needed to go and you were grateful. You enjoyed the ride. Every minute of it. You enjoyed the journey just as much as the destinations we reached.  We drove for miles in beauty and bliss. It felt so good to ride together.

    Then as time passed you became accustomed to the ride. We developed a routine. We had things to do and places to go.There was less focus on the drive and more focus on arriving.

    The polishing became less frequent and other facets of life took over. And even though you genuinely meant to put some time into me you overlooked it.

    You kept putting it off. Along the way there were few haphazard dings and scratches. Some of your personal belongings began to pile up in me-- I became more like your shelter, more like your storage space, and more of way to get you here and there. 

    I start to have some problems because the maintenance is over due. Instead of getting it done knowing it may take a little extra to get me back up and running to where I once was-- you instead feel like I am now a burden and inconvenience.

    The newness of me has faded and you don't even notice the beautiful drive anymore. You no longer enjoy the wind in your hair and now I'm just a part of your survival.

    You know it will cost you much to get something new.  And you know that I'm worth something and that I should be kept.

    You know that you couldn't afford another me nor could you afford to be without me. But all you really had to do was see me again as new.

    So you hold onto me until you can afford more or until you can seize an opportunity to replace me with something else that looks shiny and new.

    If only you could see me again as shiny and new. You have no idea the things we could do. See, I still have so many miles to give. The places we could go and the things we could have did. 

    If only you could see me again for what I really am. I am that which will ride with you till my wheels fall off. That which is with you on your journey to keep you safe and give you your freedom.

    I will cruise along the coast on sunny days and I will heed carefully with you through the storms. If only you could see me again as shiny and new. You have no idea the things we could do.

    Creative writing piece written by: Kayko Tamaki