• In Darkness

    My dear sisters and brothers, and all sentient beings,

    I embrace you with open arms and an open heart.

    Sometimes Life comes with an ocean of intensity with waves that seem to keep rolling in, sometimes without giving us a moment to even catch our breath. These intense times asks us what we want to resolve, embrace, and transform. Our pain and suffering demands that we claim who we are at the core. We can’t afford not to make this claim because life itself will always bring us to the water, and it is up to us swim and float… or drown in it. As a girl who grew up on the shores of Hawaii, I had to learned what it takes to be one with the ocean, the tide, the waves, so not to be consumed and trampled by it-- but to roll with, dive, duck, and swim under the under tow. 

    The road to self-possession is always paved with good intentions and they can and will have slippery roads, twists, turns, and detours. It can be an arduous journey at times—but don’t let that keep you from taking it. The darkness of life is not to be avoided but to be walked through with trust of your own light and that of the sun that rises each morning. The moon, too, casts a light if you just let your eyes adjust. The road to self-possession demands humble diligence and self-forgiveness.

    Everything is found within:

    Close your eyes and let’s take a journey through the dark night of the soul…

    Forest, trees, the sun is going down-- it is dusk.

    Dusk, stars, cold air…

    As you walk through the forest you hear the leaves crunch beneath your feet and the smell of trees and dried leaves soothes you.

    The skies are getting darker, the birds have quieted…

    It is dark out but the moon gives just enough light for you to make out the path that lays ahead of you. Creatures stirring nearby, the sounds of night coming alive…

    The path leads you to the edge of a lake where you throw your blanket down and sit along the bank.

    There is not a soul in sight.

    How does it feel to be in the dark? To be completely alone? To be in your own company?

    What is your pain? Look at it. What does your heart yearn for? What have your tears been shed for? Feel it. Notice where it is in your  body.

    As you stand at the edge of the lake, where earth meets water, and peer into the reflection of the water, seeing yourself, water meets soul, what do you feel? How do you see yourself? How are you being reflected in your own eyes? What does she fear? What gives her joy? What is her purpose? What can she heal? What can she celebrate? How can she love herself more? What can she let go of and release right now?

     This is the time to reflect, as you look across the still lake in front of you, you realize that even in the darkness there is majesty. You see the lake reflecting the dark sky and full moon like a mirror. That the moon sheds her light on us, even if it is slight, and it is her light that is gentle, and it is her light that gives our food their flavor, and it is her light that brings the silver lining to the infinite darkness. 

     Enter the darkness and the fear. Enter your pain and despair. For it is that very suffering that gives you proof that you are alive. It is that very sadness that honors your joy and allows you the gratitude to smile. 

    Death is necessary for a re-birth.

    The darkness is there for us to learn to move through and navigate, and as we continue to do so, we become trusting in our selves and all our senses. 

    Now, we will allow this reflection to show us who we truly are, and not how we are seeing ourselves. Bring your index finger to your third eye, and see your reflection ripple with that single touch… allow the ripples to expand outward… circle after circle… until it is finally still. See again yourself, in the light of the moon, as your true, beautiful, whole, and perfect self. That is you.

    Your ever well wisher,

    Kayko Tamaki