• A Hollywood Kiss

    I never knew a first kiss could contain so much









    The first moment our lips touched we remained there completely still for what felt like an eternity that I did not want to end. 

    I felt that if I could stay still in this lip lock, I could live in the moment just a little longer

    I could taste the vices of the night on our lips

    As we breathed heavily, I felt my heart lighten, in the floating tenderness of the being of us

    “I like you.”

    I swooned.

    Each next movement of our mouths felt like sitting on the edge of a seat waiting for the next mysterious note of this intoxicating melody to be pressed― I was listening with my lips intently.

    We shook our heads no and shook our heads yes as we kissed and kissed. Our faint cries for the labor of all that it took to finally be us and do this. I felt like crying and laughing all at once, at the beautiful madness of love and lust.

    You put me on the counter, I wrapped my legs around you. Even though we fit perfectly it was as if we couldn’t get any closer. I could smell the leather as our jackets twisted and writhed wrapping into each others warmth. 

    “Come home with me.”

    There wasn’t anything more that I wanted to do then to go home with you. But the intensity of ‘this’ told me to let this just be our first kiss.

    I walked you out of the kitchen and outside to the street where we would wait for you to be taken home without me― and we embraced once more. Unrequited lovers meeting again.

    You came onto your bended knees on the ground in between my legs. The crickets chirped and the coyotes howled while you tenderly kissed me. You pulled me onto you and we laid on the freshly paved asphalt, with me on top of you on a quiet street, with your beautiful mind cradled in my hands, at the top of the Hollywood hills, under the blanket of the twinkling night sky, under the stars in a place where people go to become them.