• Internet Love

    The world we live in today is so strange

    From the old days of only meeting those within close range

    You mean to tell me that I can meet the girl of my dreams 

    on a device, through the matrix, and the internet streams?

    We scroll, we tap, we can see the images unfold

    How do we know if what draws us in is what fate has foretold?

    What is it that allows us to feel connection through the devices

    And know the difference between real love and the superficial crisis?

    There must be something cosmic for how we have access to the masses

    An interconnecting unification of the world as it spins on it’s axis

    I trust this integration and I believe in love

    And beyond the screens on the phones, our hearts desires will rise above

    I will know you, my love, when I hear you speak my name

    And I know that however we came to meet will not be in vain