• I See You

    It is naive to think you know someone so well.

    To think that whatever time you have shared in knowing their

    habits, their history, their stories, their weaknesses, their

    strengths, their wounds, and deepest corners of their heart could

    ever sum them up-- is unjust.

    It is a shame to be unaware of the subtle shifts and changes that happen

    every day, every moment, right before your eyes. The little

    crinkles around her eyes that get ever-so-slightly deeper and

    wiser. The silver linings of her hair. The wonders of time and how

    they show their presence in such beautiful ways.

    You may think that a flower is simply a flower. A flower that

    looks and smells just as simply as it always has. Or that the ocean

    is simply salt water and blue.

    The flower is always moving, changing, blossoming, and giving life

    to the birds and the bees. The ocean's tides rise and fall with the

    phases of the moon. The currents change direction. And depending

    on how the sun hits the water, the colors and shades of blue are

    in fact, infinite.

    Everything around you and everyone is always changing. Take time

    to smell the roses. Take time to watch the tide. Take time to see

    your love with new eyes. It would be a shame to miss it.

    --Kayko Tamaki