• Spiritual Beings

    It’s interesting when I hear people say “I am spiritual” or “I am not spiritual,” as if it was something you could choose to belong to.  We are all essentially spirit and therefore-- spiritual beings. You can, however, be unaware of it. Being spiritual doesn’t have to look or sound a certain way. There is no “one” way to enjoy your spiritual birth right. Although there are many lovely ways to embrace and be with your spiritual essence, it doesn’t make you more spiritual to have a guru, be vegan, practice yoga, go on retreats, and listen to a monk with a shaved head speak on non-attachment. No, these aren’t the things that make you spiritual.  Spirituality is what you are and it can be captured in absolutely everything around us and in every moment.

    Spirituality is:

    • a mother’s gaze into her child’s eyes
    • it is that deep sigh you take when you feel the cool breeze on a hot summer day
    • it is when you fall in love, when you exchange a smile with a stranger
    • when you cook for the people you love
    • when you take a hot bath
    • making love to your lover
    • when you laugh so hard you cry
    • when you grieve for someone you miss
    • when you are vulnerable
    • when you feel lost
    • when you feel found
    • when the sunset leaves you in awe as you inch your way through bumper-to-bumper traffic
    • when you miss someone
    • when you breathe deeply
    • when you relish in the scent of a flower
    • when you are enamored by the moon
    • when you create something meaningful with your hands, words, and thoughts

    You see, spirituality is essentially being true to who you are and being present  with what is happening at that very moment.