• Koi No Yokan

    Koi No Yokan

    A Japanese word that is untranslatable by the English language. But it so eloquently illustrates my connection with you.

    It’s not love at first sight. It’s not the crazy whirlwind of seeing, meeting, and falling in love with a wild and reckless abandon. Love at first sight happens so intensely and so fast that often times, you are left dizzy, bewildered, and nauseated by the time it loses momentum. It stops and ends just as suddenly as it began.

    This is different. It is gentle, it floats lightly, it’s this soft wave of an inclination that washes over you, speaking to you that this person may possibly change the course of your life.

    The first time we actually spoke, I noticed the words you chose and how you put them together, and in something so subtle-- I sensed that you were going to be significant in my life.

    How is it that when we spoke about our lives, I felt the nostalgia of ours together?

    How is it that without even having touched you, I could feel the grounding weight of your hands on my hips?

    How is it that without even kissing you, I knew I would melt when we did?

    How is it that without having sex, I already felt our sensuous tantric pleasure?

    Sometimes we just know, we have a sense, a premonition of love.